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Living Electric


"Living Electric" is the debut album from saxophonist/composer Robby Marshall's electric project. Best known for their lively concerts in downtown bars and underground speakeasies, the band has begun to redefine the role of instrumental music in Los Angeles. All members of the band are multi-instrumentalists, eager to add unique textures such as tabla, acoustic guitars, vintage keyboards, sampling, and electronic effects. Improvisation is key to their sound as they incorporate their influences of jazz, blues, drum 'n bass, rock, and world music. Always true to their influences, the band does not shy away from well-placed covers. They are sure to add their personal spin, as heard in their dreamy version of Elliot Smith's "Waltz #1."

Robby Marshall - saxophones, samples, synthesizers
Andrew McKay - guitars
Danny McKay - bass
Romain Collin - keyboards
Zach Harmon - drums

with special guests: Genevieve Artadi, Louis Cole, and Schwee